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COVID-19 Action Plan

The Safety and Well-Being of our Dancers and Families are our TOP Priority!

The following guidelines will be evaluated and updated regularly based on the latest CDC and government guidelines. LWADance reserves the right to close the school and/or hold classes virtually if it is necessary for the health and safety of our staff and students.

  • Students must come dressed and ready for class.

  • Students cannot change clothing anywhere within the studio.

  • Students should bring the absolute minimum inside the studio and all personal items must be in a dance bag.

  • Students should bring a water bottle that they can easily open/drink. The onsite water fountain will be off limits at this time.

  • Students may not bring food into or eat in the building.

  • Students should bring an extra mask (they can break or get sweaty).

  • Students with multiple classes in one day, that are not back-to-back, must leave the studio until their next scheduled class time.


Arrival Procedures
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your class start time to allow for check-in. Punctuality is crucial in order to properly enforce our safety procedures.

  • Line up near the front door and wait in line until you are told to enter the building. Parents are encouraged to wait with their child(ren) until they have entered the building.

  • Dancers will enter the building one at a time and parents/guardians dropping off students will not enter the studio.

  • All staff and students are required to wear a face mask while entering the building.

  • Students will receive temperature checks upon entering the building

  • Staff and students will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.


Class Procedures
  • Class size will be limited to 20 dancers in our large studio and 8 dancers in our smaller studio.

  • All staff and students are asked to wear a face mask while in the dance studio.

  • Students will dance in 6’ x 6’ spaces to ensure social distancing. There will be no physical contact between dancers at any time. Any dancer who cannot follow the social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave the building.

  • Missed classes can be made up by virtually attending a class of equal level. Class codes will be available via Band App.

  • Private lessons can also be scheduled in conjunction with virtual classes. Please contact to schedule a private class.

  • Classes will be dismissed from the dance room approximately 5-10 minutes early to allow for time to clean and safely line-up for pick-up.


  • Please encourage your dancer to use the restroom before leaving the house. The less bathroom breaks needed, the better classes and drop-off/pick-up can flow.

  • The bathroom will be designated for one person per use. It will be continuously sanitized between uses.

  • Our youngest dancers in primary levels will be escorted to the bathroom by a staff member but will need to be able to use the bathroom on their own.


  • The lobby will be limited to faculty and staff.

  • All parents / guardians, siblings and family members must wait outside of the building.

  • All lost and found items will be discarded at the end of each business day.


Dismissal Procedures
  • Parents should pick-up students from LWADance’s front door near the parking lot. For safety in the parking lot, please park your car and escort your dancer to and from the appropriate door.

  • Each student will be released one at a time from the building.

  • Students who wish to carpool must provide a written or emailed note of consent from both parents/guardians.


Cleaning/Safety Procedures
  • Staff will clean the dance floors and sanitize the restrooms and hard surfaces between all classes.

  • A deep cleaning of the building will take place twice a week by a professional company.

  • A designated staff member will be tasked with enforcing social distancing as well as frequent cleaning of all high-contact surfaces throughout our hours of operation.


Illness Procedures
  • Please, do not come to the studio if you have a cough, fever or are sick.

  • Please, do not come to the studio if you or someone you have been exposed to tested positive, or had COVID-like symptoms, within the past 14 days.

  • Please, do not come to the studio if you have traveled to an area where there are high amounts of COVID-19 cases for 14 days upon returning to Pennsylvania

  • We reserve the right to take temperatures of anyone entering the studio using non-contact, infrared thermometers. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 ℉, or above, will be asked to leave the studio.

  • Dancers who test positive for COVID-19 must remain home until they have been cleared by a doctor and must provide documentation.


If you are unable to attend in-studio class for any reason, you are welcome to participate in virtual classes instead. There will be no reduction in fees for virtual delivery of services.


Created August 22, 2020               Updated September 12, 2020

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